Diploma in Hairdressing

RQF  Level 2
UK Accreditation: 603/3492/7
Product Code: HB2D5

ITEC Qual ID: 2110
Unit Code Unit Level URN  
UHB212 Advise and consult with clients Level 2 M/617/1713 compulsory
UHB213 Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp Level 2 T/617/1714 compulsory
UHB214 Cut ladies hair Level 2 A/617/1715 compulsory
UHB215 Style and finish hair Level 2 F/617/1716 compulsory
UHB216 Set and dress hair Level 2 J/617/1717 compulsory
UHB217 Colour and lighten hair Level 2 L/617/1718 compulsory
UHB218 Fulfil salon reception duties Level 2 R/617/1719 compulsory
HB2D5.PE1 Synoptic Practical Examination (HB2D5.PE1) compulsory
UHB219 Perm and neutralise hair Level 2 J/617/1720 optional
UHB220 Hair relaxing treatments and techniques Level 2 L/617/1721 optional
UHB221 Cut men’s hair Level 2 R/617/1722 optional
UHB222 Plait and twist hair Level 2 Y/617/1723 optional
UHB223 Temporarily attach hair to enhance a style Level 2 D/617/1724 optional