Diploma in Complementary Therapies

RQF  Level 2
UK Accreditation: 603/4088/5
Product Code: iCT2D1

ITEC Qual ID: 2169
Unit Code Unit Level URN  
iUCT20 Provide basic aromatherapy techniques using pre-blended oils Level 2 Y/617/4332 compulsory
iUCT23 Provide basic reflexology techniques Level 2 T/617/4337 compulsory
iUCT26 Introduction to clinic services and business awareness for complementary therapies Level 2 A/617/4341 compulsory
iUCT27 Provide basic massage therapy techniques for complementary therapies Level 2 L/617/4344 compulsory
iUCT30 Introduction to principles and practice of complementary therapies Level 2 D/617/4347 compulsory
iUCT36 Knowledge of anatomy and physiology for complementary therapies Level 2 A/617/4355 compulsory
iUCT37 Introduction to healthy eating and wellbeing for the complementary therapy client Level 2 J/617/4357 compulsory