Diploma in Fitness and Exercise Instruction

RQF  Level 2
UK Accreditation: 603/4477/5
Product Code: iSP2D3

ITEC Qual ID: 2201
Unit Code Unit Level URN  
iUSP143 Principles of exercise, fitness and health Level 2 L/617/5610 compulsory
iUSP144 Instructing gym-based exercise Level 2 D/617/5613 compulsory
iUSP145 Planning health related exercise and physical activity for children Level 2 D/617/5725 compulsory
iUSP152 Planning gym-based exercise Level 2 H/617/5628 compulsory
iUSP153 Planning group exercise to music sessions Level 2 D/617/5630 compulsory
iUSP159 Anatomy and physiology for exercise Level 2 K/617/5646 compulsory
iUSP163 Instructing group exercise to music Level 2 Y/617/5657 compulsory
iUSP168 Planning water-based exercise Level 2 K/617/5727 compulsory
iUSP172 Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity Level 2 F/617/5670 compulsory
iUSP176 Instructing water-based exercise Level 2 M/617/5728 compulsory
iUSP179 Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment Level 2 Y/617/5688 compulsory
iUSP180 Instructing health related exercise and physical activity to children Level 2 H/617/5726 compulsory