Certificate in Eyebrow Treatments and Eyelash Enhancements

RQF  Level 2
UK Accreditation: 603/4080/0
Product Code: iBT2C7

ITEC Qual ID: 2231
Unit Code Unit Level URN  
iUBT309 Client care and communication in beauty-related industries Level 2 M/617/4286 compulsory
iUBT321 Apply individual permanent lashes Level 3 D/617/4297 compulsory
iUBT331 Provide eyelash and eyebrow treatments Level 2 M/617/4305 compulsory
iUBT346 Provide eyelash perming Level 2 H/617/4365 compulsory
iUCO62 Promote and sell products and services to clients Level 3 R/617/4328 compulsory
iUCO78 Follow health and safety practice in the salon Level 2 A/617/4372 compulsory
iUBT406 Working in beauty related industries Level 2 M/617/4353 compulsory