Diploma in Barbering

RQF  Level 2
UK Accreditation: 603/5113/5
Product Code: iHB2D12

ITEC Qual ID: 2248
Unit Code Unit Level URN  
iUHB318 Advise and consult with clients for men’s hair services Level 2 J/617/8084 compulsory
iUHB319 Shampoo, condition and treat men’s hair and scalp Level 2 L/617/8085 compulsory
iUHB320 Cutting men's hair using basic techniques Level 2 R/617/8086 compulsory
iUHB321 Dry and finish men’s hair Level 2 Y/617/8087 compulsory
iUHB322 Cut facial hair to shape using basic techniques Level 2 D/617/8088 compulsory
iUHB323 Create basic outlines and detailing in hair Level 2 H/617/8089 compulsory
iUHB324 Clipper maintenance Level 3 Y/617/8090 compulsory
iUHB325 Hair tonics Level 3 D/617/8091 compulsory
iHB2D12.PE Synoptic Practical Examination (HB2D12.PE1) compulsory