Diploma in Hairdressing

RQF  Level 3
UK Accreditation: 603/5114/7
Product Code: iHB3D11

ITEC Qual ID: 2249
Unit Code Unit Level URN  
iUHB309 Provide client consultation services Level 3 H/617/8092 compulsory
iUHB310 Creatively cut hair using a combination of techniques Level 3 K/617/8093 compulsory
iUHB311 Creatively colour and lighten hair Level 3 M/617/8094 compulsory
iUHB312 Creatively style and dress hair Level 3 T/617/8095 compulsory
iHB3D11.PE Synoptic Practical Examination (HB3D11.PE1) compulsory
iUHB313 Provide hair colour correction services Level 4 A/617/8096 optional
iUHB314 Provide a variety of relaxing services Level 3 F/617/8097 optional
iUHB315 Provide specialist hair and scalp treatments Level 4 J/617/8098 optional
iUHB316 Provide creative hair extension services Level 4 L/617/8099 optional
iUHB317 Create a variety of permed effects Level 3 T/617/8100 optional